• Royalty.Queen Sofía: the 'punishment' of the King's mother that does not benefit the crown

On Tuesday, November 4, Doña Sofía (82) returned to the institutional agenda of Zarzuela, from which she has been separated for eight months, presiding over a charity concert to provide scholarships to young musicians.

Upon his arrival at the Auditorium, the audience gave him

a long standing ovation

while they listened to Live!

To the queen.

It was the response to the controversy unleashed that day by the press release of a new "secret" investigation (openly) against Don Juan Carlos sent to the Supreme Court by the attorney general, Dolores Delgado, in which some media included Doña Sofía, who for the first time was splattered by the artillery directed against her husband.

When everything indicates that the King Father, who is still in Abu Dhabi, will not be prosecuted for the matter of the millionaire Saudi gift in 2008

to enjoy inviolability,

now they have opened two new fronts: on Friday it was known that the Office of the Supreme Court will open a third investigation after the Money Laundering Prevention Service (Sepblac) has alerted of new irregularities allegedly committed by Don Juan Carlos.

This is in addition to the investigation into the expenses of credit cards from accounts whose origin the Prosecutor's Office tries to find out, which he allegedly used between 2016 and 2018, when it was no longer inviolable.

One of them, has been published, could belong to the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause, in whose Irish castle he was invited in the summer of 2017 together with Marta Gayá.

The Queen had her schedule back before the latest scandalGTRES

The digital


pointed to Doña Sofía as the

holder of one of those cards

for expenses made on trips to London, and although most of the media deny it, the damage to her image was done.

Something that has raised blisters, since she is

the most valued member of the royal family

along with Don Felipe, and also her status as a "suffering" wife in this country adds up to integers and if not, they tell Paloma Cuevas.

Although Zarzuela has declined to comment - "we never pronounce on matters that are in the hands of the prosecution or prosecuted" -, a source close to the Queen Mother assures: "In this

brutal campaign of harassment

to the Crown they have dynamited the reign of Don Juan Carlos and now they charge Doña Sofía, who is faultless, "he told LOC.

"They ignore that she

does not usually use cards

or carry money, in the royal family assistants or escorts are usually in charge of this, who then present the invoices to accounting. They also do not organize their trips, they often do not

know in which hotel they will stay

, not even they pack their bags. To think that the Lady, who lives a somewhat



and finds out little, was aware of what card it was paid with supposes a supine ignorance of how this and most of the monarchies work ".

This blow adds to the bitterness that the Queen Mother experienced in August for the departure of King Juan Carlos of Spain, of which this November 4 did three months.

On Monday he turned 82 many kilometers from the one who

continues to call "my husband" proud

and whose return to Spain is complicated by the


of the cards.

Therefore, in the celebration that was organized in Zarzuela -which was attended by her sister Irene, who lives with her, Infanta Elena with her children and Infanta Margarita, Don Juan Carlos's sister, with Carlos Zurita-,

it was not breathed precisely joy.

The departure of her husband has made Doña Sofía relive the worst moments of her existence, when she and her brothers Constantino and Irene

had to flee from Greece

with their parents, the kings




towards an exile that her brother Constantino would also undertake when they were stripped of the Crown.

To this is added that, after experiencing great tension as a result of the appearance in the media of Corinna Larsen, Don Juan Carlos asked her

forgiveness for the humiliations

received, opening between them a stage of friendly rapprochement that in 2019 led Doña Sofía to confess "I'm better than ever with Juanito."

They were seen in restaurants with friends, racing in Sanxenxo, together that summer in Marivent, and at Nadal's wedding.

Before, at the end of April, they had made

an unprecedented trip to Germany

to watch their grandson Pablo play handball with the infantas Elena and Cristina and Claire Liebaert, Urdangarin's mother.

It coincided that on April 12, King Felipe had

renounced the inheritance

and all suspicious money from his father

before a notary

after discovering that he appeared without his consent as the second beneficiary of the Lucum foundation, where the

100 million



were deposited

, a part destined to guarantee the future of Doña Sofía, the infantas and their grandchildren if he was absent.

A family schism originated that a year later, in March 2020, was reflected in that harsh statement where Don Felipe abjured his father's inheritance and stripped him of his assignment.

Curiously, Doña Sofía, who always stood up to her son in previous Don Juan Carlos controversies, this time seemed to demonstrate the opposite by

approaching her husband.

Her attitude was again surprising this summer in Mallorca, after the King Father left for Abu Dhabi, as she

remained practically cloistered

in Marivent without being seen with Don Felipe or with her granddaughters Leonor and Sofía, with whom she had lavished almost daily in previous years.

"Doña Sofía was very affected by the fact that Don Juan Carlos had to leave after what he has done for this country. Despite the fact that her marriage has not been exemplary,

for her her family is very important

, it happened with the Infanta Cristina when she was imputed by


, he supported her even when he broke with Don Felipe by stripping her of the Duchy of Palma ".

At the same time, his absence from institutional life, from which he disappeared since March 6 presided over the besapiés del Cristo de Medinaceli, made one think that Zarzuela now considered Doña Sofía

a vestige to be erased from the reign

of Don Juan Carlos, although the pandemic was cited to justify their ostracism.

It was in vain, because in September the Queen Mother decided to regain prominence on her own through her NGO, the Reina Sofía Foundation,

lavishing herself non-stop.

He released sea turtles in the Balearic Islands and cleaned beaches in Malaga, but it was in autumn when he surprised him by taking a solidarity tour of Spain, similar to the one that Don Felipe and Doña Letizia did in July.

His objective was to supervise the food banks, and thus, mask at the ready, he has defied the virus at 82 years old,

traveling through Albacete, Ciudad Real, Toledo, Murcia and Las Palmas


He has greeted everyone who approached him, and has even had tapas, something unusual, at the Venta de Aires in Toledo and at El Amarre, in Murcia, where he tasted tomato salad, sole and sorbet, photographing himself with the staff.

We also saw her on October 16 at the Princess of Asturias Awards, because although her attendance was in doubt, she did not want to fail her granddaughter Leonor, whose speech remained emotional.

With his return to the Zarzuela agenda this Tuesday it

seemed that the waters were returning to their course

, although no one suspected that it would coincide with the controversy unleashed by appearing his name in the affair of the cards.

However, the applause and affection he received that day show that neither family scandals, nor corinnas, nor harassment campaigns overshadow the image of what many consider an example as Reina.

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