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07 November 2020 Farewell to Stefano D'Orazio, historical member of the Pooh.

The artist, drums, vocals and transverse flute of the band, passed away at the age of 72 after being hospitalized.

To give the news, friends and colleagues of all time: Roby Facchinetti, Dodi Battaglia, Red Canzian and Riccardo Fogli.

In a post on social media shortly after midnight they wrote: "Stefano left us! Two hours ago ... he had been hospitalized for a week and out of respect we had never talked about it ... this afternoon, after days of fear, it seemed that the situation was improving ... then, tonight, the terrible news. We lost a brother, a life partner, the witness of many important moments, but above all, all of us, we lost a good person, honest first of all with herself. Let's pray for him. Hi Stefano, our friend forever ... Roby, Dodi, Red, Riccardo ".


We have lost a brother, a life partner, the witness of many important moments, but above all, all of us, we have lost a good person, honest first of all with himself.

Hi Stefano, our friend forever ...

Roby, Red, Dodi, Riccardo

- Roby Facchinetti (@RobyFacchinetti) November 6, 2020


He joined Pooh in 1971, following the release of Valerio Negrini, and remained there until 2009, also writing a part of the lyrics of the group's songs. He leaves the band after a 38-date tour that ended in Milan and after a last unpublished song sung by four voices, 'Ancora una Notte Together', contained in the collection of the same name.

The farewell to the group comes with a moving letter, in which he said: "I am at the end of the line. I am about to get off the great luminescent and lucky spaceship that for many years has transported me beyond my expectations in a long unforgettable adventure, often tiring, almost always extraordinary ", and concluded with" Thank you, I'm going down here ".

He rejoins the group in 2015, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the band and writes his last three lyrics for the group: 'Tante stories ago', 'Le cose cherei', 'Another song', which are also the only songs of the whole the discography of the group interpreted in five alternating voices, also with Riccardo Fogli.


Numerous solo projects, including several forays into the world of musicals, among others the drafting of the Italian texts of the musical 'Mamma Mia' at the request of Abba, 'Aladin' written by him, 'Pinocchio' of which he writes the lyrics, ' W Zorro ',' Wanted Cinderella '.


D'Orazio had approached music and the beloved drums in his high school years, with the group The Kings, the first band followed by the same components, new name, The Sunshines. With them the debut as a lyricist signing 'Ballano male'.       

To live on music D'Orazio declines art in every direction, also crosses Carmelo Bene providing the soundtrack of his show "Osram", then joins the Italo group and its ensemble, which soon becomes I shipwrecked. He opens two 'Cantine Club' in Rome and works for Rca, makes an appearance at Cinecittà, appearing in a dozen films including several spaghetti westerns and a film with Totò.