06 November 2020Ambulances not up to standard in full coronavirus pandemic.

It is the result of an investigation conducted by the Carabinieri del Nas who - out of 945 ambulances checked throughout Italy in the last week - found about a hundred violations and 46 non-compliant vehicles for the safety of operators and people carried on board. 

15 criminal violations and 29 administrative violations, lack of protocols and procedures for cleaning and sanitizing the compartments of medical vehicles (in 16 cases), lack of possession and use of personal protective equipment, masks, gloves and disposable gowns, sometimes without certificate of conformity or disposed of irregularly (13 disputed episodes). 

The control activities originate from an episode found in the province of Naples, where it was ascertained the absence of the safety and sanitation procedures of the emergency vehicles used in the transport of patients, both with ordinary pathologies and attributable to covid- 19, with potential risk of spreading the infection.

Another 51 criminal and administrative irregularities concerned the prevention of fires, the presence of drugs and medical devices that are expired on board the vehicles and the use of medical vehicles in intended uses other than those envisaged.

Precisely because of serious hygienic-managerial deficiencies and the use of vehicles in unauthorized activities, a provision was carried out prohibiting the use of 4 vehicles of a private company and an administrative stop of an ambulance vehicle not usable for emergency medical intervention.