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The procedure against disinformation that the Government has promoted and became known this week - it is up to Moncloa to determine what disinformation is - has generated a wave of criticism.

From the Executive they defend that their work is not to pursue

fake news

, but disinformation campaigns, fundamentally orchestrated by third countries, that go against the general interests.

Given the controversy generated by Moncloa who determines what disinformation is, they are now looking for how to degovernmentalize what is already known in the street as

the Truth Committee


The Government published this procedure in the BOE without contacting the companies that are in charge of checking news in Spain or the press associations.

But, now, coinciding with the criticism and the "noise" generated, the

Department of Homeland Security

is working on how to land the procedure and, at the same time, how to open a way of participation to civil society, until now on the sidelines of the whole process.

The approach is to establish a forum for public-private collaboration where various groups participate and that serves as an area to debate or confront ideas and actions, according to sources from the Department of Homeland Security.

A forum designed by Redondo and Oliver

This approach, which is now being put on the table, is not thus included in the order published in the BOE, where it is simply said that it will be possible to "request the collaboration of the private sector: media, digital platforms, associations, NGOs and those persons in their capacity as experts whose contribution is considered relevant ".

The model to be followed by the Executive is the public-private work forum that the cabinet director of the Presidency of the Government, Iván Redondo, and

Miguel Ángel Ballesteros

, director of the Department of National Security, inaugurated last July.

To move this openness of participation beyond the walls of the presidential complex, it is contemplated that working groups be established on specific matters where, according to the sources consulted, these civil experts -specialized companies, autonomous companies, press associations- can present reports that serve as a basis for action.

From the Government, in the face of the controversy and criticism received, they defend that their work is not

fake news

, but disinformation campaigns.

From the Department of Homeland Security they separate both concepts, because they consider that there are already companies in charge of verifying this news, they explain that this concept does not appear as such in the approved procedure, they say that their job is not to assess political issues or criticism of the Government, and they point out that disinformation campaigns are more solid and consistent and, according to sources from the Department of Homeland Security, are orchestrated by third countries to destabilize another.

The Government defends that the Secretary of State for Communication is a leading actor of this

Truth Committee

because, they point out, it is Moncloa's link with the media and is the only contact with the Rapid Alert System of the European Union (RAS).

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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Politics A committee of Moncloa will monitor the media and will pursue what it considers "disinformation"

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