They said that as part of a check on Navalny's hospitalization, it was established that immediately after receiving a report about his deterioration in health, a group of people accompanying him in Tomsk (Vladlen Los, Maria Pevchikh and Georgy Alburov) organized three plastic water bottles from the hotel room.

“Later, Los and Alburov spoke controversially about the fate of those withdrawn from the number of Navalny.


At the same time, it is unclear whether one of these bottles was exported to the Federal Republic of Germany, including taking into account the fact that a similar bottle of water was purchased by Pevchikh at Tolmachevo airport when flying to Omsk, ”the message says.

The department notes that at present these persons "evade the appearance of the investigator and answers to questions of interest to the investigation."

"And their actions testify to a well-planned provocation," the ministry added.

In early October, the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that more than 230 people were interviewed who had contact with Navalny in Tomsk, or witnessed his travel route.