China News Service, November 6 According to foreign media reports, on the 6th local time, the German police stated that they were conducting searches in several towns in Germany, or that 4 people were connected to the suspected terrorist attack in Vienna.

  According to Agence France-Presse, the German Federal Criminal Investigation Agency (BKA) stated that at the request of the Austrian side, they are searching some houses and offices in the towns of Osnabruck, Kassel and Pinneberg in Germany.

It is believed that 4 people in Germany may be connected to the suspected terrorist attack in Vienna.

On November 5, local time, people placed flowers and candles in Vienna, Austria to mourn the victims.

  The German police also stated that they did not believe that these four people were personally involved in the attack.

  According to previous reports, on the evening of November 2, local time, a terrorist attack occurred in Vienna, Austria, resulting in the death of 5 people, including the attacker, and 23 injuries, some of them were seriously injured.

The police subsequently launched a search operation.

  On the 6th, Austrian Minister of the Interior Karl Nihammer stated that the Austrian authorities had arrested 16 people in connection with the terrorist attacks in Vienna, of which 8 were detained, 1 was released, and the others have not yet made a decision.

In addition, 8 of these people have criminal records, 4 of them were convicted of terrorist crimes, 2 were convicted of violence, and 2 were convicted of attempted murder.

  In addition, Switzerland also arrested two men in connection with the attack.