Confederation Discussing next year's spring fight policy “Request for wage increase” Opinions one after another November 5, 19:03

As the effects of the new coronavirus prolong, the "coalition" of labor groups should hold a rally in Yokohama to discuss next year's spring fighting policy and demand higher wages to protect the lives of workers. Opinions came one after another.

The rally held in Yokohama was attended by about 450 people, including representatives of labor unions nationwide that are members of the Union.

The "Union" is considering seeking a wage increase equivalent to a "base increase" that will raise the basic salary uniformly while maintaining the regular salary increase in the next spring fight.

At the rally, a labor union made up of local government employees said, "There is a possibility that some companies will refuse to raise wages because of poor business performance. Because of this situation, we unified it for the lives of workers. It is important to raise the base as a request. "

In addition, a person in charge of a labor union made up of non-regular workers complained, "If wages cannot be raised, it may affect personal consumption, so the coalition should properly show the level of demand."

Based on the discussion on the 5th, the "Union" will decide the spring fighting policy for next year at the central committee on the 1st of next month.

"If we stop the flow of wage increases, we will lose the vitality to do both economic recovery and infectious disease countermeasures. The flow of wage increases itself will be lost," said Kozu, chairman of the "Union." , Never change it. "