Bird flu virus detected in Kagawa Government related ministerial meeting November 5, 9:14

Following the detection of the bird flu virus in chickens at a chicken farm in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, the government held a ministerial meeting, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato worked closely with the relevant ministries to prevent the spread of the infection. I instructed him to take all possible measures.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Nogami, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura and others attended the "Avian Influenza Ministerial Meeting" held at the Prime Minister's residence on the morning of the 5th.

Among them, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato requested strict caution from the poultry traders from Prime Minister Suga, provided appropriate guidance and support on preventive measures, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and other related ministries cooperated closely and thoroughly. He reported that he was instructed to promptly proceed with the epidemic prevention measures.

In addition, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "We request the local governments and other related organizations nationwide to pay attention to preventive measures such as thorough hygiene management for poultry farmers, and the relevant ministries and agencies work closely together to bring the government together. Therefore, I would like to take all possible measures with a sense of tension to prevent the spread of infection. "