The results of the preliminary US presidential election showed that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, won, on Tuesday evening, 225 votes in the electoral college, which represents 49.81% of the vote, compared to 213 votes in the pool for Republican candidate Donald Trump, which is 48.58%, according to the Associated Press.

Trump and Biden ... Exiting the Silence

President Donald Trump announced that he won the elections, and confirmed that his campaign will use the high elections to protect its victory, while his Vice President Mac Pence said that the President is on his way to victory.

Trump said in a speech at the White House that it is an important moment in the history of America, and a number of states said he won in it, the most important of which are Florida, Texas and Ohio, and confirmed that he would win the state of Pennsylvania and that he was ahead by a large margin so far.

And in his first comment on the election results;

US President Donald Trump said in a tweet Wednesday morning that he expects to win a second four-year term and accused Democrats of trying to "steal" the election from him without providing any evidence.

We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election.

We will never let them do it.

Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 4, 2020

"We are far ahead but they are trying to steal the election. We will never let them do that," Trump wrote on Twitter, adding "a big win" for another period.

Twitter said President Donald Trump's tweet claiming there was an attempt to "steal the election" could be misleading.

"We placed a warning on a tweet posted on the account of Donald Trump because it is misleading about the elections," the company said on Wednesday.

For his part, and in his first comment after the poll, the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, declared that he is "on the right path to winning" in the elections against the outgoing President Donald Trump, while there is intense anticipation for the outcome of the ballot.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden delivers a speech to his supporters to comment on the election results (French)

"Keep your faith, we will win!" Biden told his supporters, who gathered on the Drive-in Way in his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware.

"We believe that we are on the right track to win these elections," he added, stressing, "We are confident of winning in Arizona," the decisive state.

"We are optimistic about our electoral situation in Wisconsin and Michigan, and we will win the Pennsylvania vote," he added. We are still in the competition arena in Georgia.

In a country experiencing health, economic and social crises of historic magnitude, Americans are preparing for a long night, or even long days and nights of waiting, after an election campaign that has witnessed a tense atmosphere.

The hopes of some Democrats in the Biden camp for historic victories in North Carolina, Georgia or Texas appear to have been dashed.

The Republican president retained Florida, which he had previously won in 2016, as well as in Ohio, which since 1964 has won all the candidates who had reached the presidency.

Many expect Biden's route to the White House to pass through the country's industrial north.

The declared goal of the Democrats was to regain three states that Trump seized in 2016, namely Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

But the counting of votes in these states could last until Wednesday or even for several days, especially due to the record level of mail voting.

The most important states that Trump

won, Trump has so far won a number of major and swing states that strengthen his chances of staying in the White House, and the most important of these states are:

Texas Outgoing President Donald Trump won in Texas, the Republican stronghold that allows him to reduce the gap between him and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, according to "Fox" and "NBC."

Trump's southern state brings 38 major voters

- Florida, an important state that Trump relied on a lot to stay in the White House, and gives him 29 votes in the electoral college.

In addition, he won a number of states, the most important of which were Kentucky (8), West Virginia (5), South Carolina (9), Alabama (9), Mississippi (6), Oklahoma (7), Tennessee (11) Arkansas (6), Indiana (11) and North Dakota ( 3), South Dakota (3), Wyoming (3), Louisiana (8), Nebraska (4), Kansas (6), Missouri (10) and Idaho (4).

The states that Biden won in

return, the Democratic candidate has so far won a number of states, the most important of which are: Vermont (3), Virginia (13), Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), Illinois (20), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11) and New Jersey (14) Rhode Island (4), New Mexico (5), New York (29), the District of Columbia (3), Colorado (9), New Hampshire (4), California (55), Oregon (7) and Washington (12).

Nine states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina, are not known for results.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that it is too early to settle the matter with regard to the votes of the electorate because many of the votes have not yet been counted in a number of states, but she confirmed that her party can say that it has maintained a majority in the House of Representatives.

And confirmed that two million votes have not been counted in Virginia so far.

Opinion polls And opinion

polls, whether conducted nationally or those conducted at the level of critical states (swing states) show that Biden, has wide chances.

Polls of voters emerging from the polls conducted by the Edison Research Center on Tuesday revealed that President Donald Trump appeared to lose some support among white men and elderly people in Georgia and Virginia, two of his main constituencies.

Polls showed Trump wins the majority of these voters, but some have turned to support his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.