This afternoon, at the National Assembly Steering Committee's Blue House audit, Rep. Park Dae-chul asked and President Roh Young-min's secretary replied.

-(Representative Dae-chul Park) You answered in the morning, and the Blue House completely submitted the data requested by the prosecution and cooperated perfectly.

=(Director Young-min Noh) Yes.

-(Respondent Park Dae-chul) There are reports that the prosecution stated in a prosecution investigation that a person named Lee Kang-se, an aide to former chairman Kim Bong-hyun, met with the Blue House Chief Kang Ki-jeong at the Blue House in July of last year and asked for resolution of the situation.

There are reports that the prosecution requested a record of access to the Blue House to confirm that the statement was correct, but the Blue House rejected it.

=(Director Noh Young-min) It sounds like fake news.

-(Representative Dae-chul Park) Is it fake news?

Did you submit that?

=(Director Noh Young-min) Anyway, since this is an investigation, we have nothing to tell you about, but that is fake news.

-(Representative Dae-chul Park) What part of fake news is fake news?

=(Director Noh Young-min) It's fake news because it's fake.

Because it's not true.

-(Representative Dae-chul Park) The fact of the fake news is SBS reporting, are you saying that SBS reported fake news?

=(Director Young-Min Noh) Yes, anyway, that is not true.

-(Representative Dae-chul Park) So what part is not true?

Please hide the facts and the non-facts.

=(Director Young-min Noh) Yes, I submitted.

-(Representative Dae-chul Park) What?

You submitted?

=(Director Young-min Noh) Yes.

On the 13th of last month, Secretary Noh Young-min defined SBS's exclusive report as'fake news'.

(▶[Exclusive] "The Blue House, Lee Kang-se Access Records · Refusal to Provide CCTV")

However, the day after this report, the Blue House announced the following through an official briefing with a spokesperson.

[President Moon Jae-in said, "Nothing can be a sanctuary in the strict investigation of the prosecution," and instructed the Blue House to actively cooperate with the prosecution's investigation in order to quickly resolve the suspicion.

Accordingly, the Blue House plans to review and submit when the prosecution requests access records related to Lime investigation.

However, the CCTV video data requested by the prosecution does not exist after the expiration date.] In

other words, until the SBS report, the Blue House did not respond to the prosecution's request for data submission. It was not disclosed to the outside according to the disclosure law.'

After the SBS report, there was an order from the president to "cooperate with the prosecution investigation."

The issue of the Blue House spokesman's official announcement of the president's instructions was condemned as "fake news" in the state affairs audit.

In response, an official at the Blue House said, "The purpose of Mr. Roh's remarks is that, in the prosecution's investigation, a person named Lee Kang-se, an aide of former chairman Kim Bong-hyun, met the then chief of the Blue House at the Blue House in July of last year and asked for resolution of the situation. I think I said'fake news' about the report.”

However, this was also reported by former Chairman Kim Bong-Hyun as a witness at the trial of former President Lee Kang-se on the 8th of last month and making a statement in court.

(▶ Lime body Kim Bong-hyun "


handed over 50 million won to be the chief lord")

Whether the claims of former Chairman Kim Bong-hyun are true will be revealed through the prosecution investigation later, but the existence of such a'statement' is'true', so this statement was delivered. Reports are not'fake news'.

Due to the large number of questions and answers that come and go from the audit, it may be difficult to recall the relevant details immediately.

However, even taking this into account, it has already been confirmed as'fact', and it is criticized that he gave a'fake answer' that is different from the fact as the president of the president's secretary who should be strict on the facts to label it as'fake news', which is easy and straightforward to even the matter that the president ordered the relevant measures It seems difficult to avoid.

(Photo = Yonhap News)