Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki and Minister of Strategy and Finance took responsibility for maintaining the current standards of shareholders subject to capital gains taxation and expressed gratitude to President Moon Jae-in on the morning of the 3rd, but President Moon immediately rejected it.

The Blue House said, "Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki expressed his gratitude to the President right after today's State Council meeting, but the President reconfirmed immediately after being rejected."

Deputy Prime Minister Hong took responsibility for the revision of the tax law, which lowered the requirement for major shareholders subject to stock transfer gains taxation to 300 million won from April next year, to remain at the current 1 billion won at a high-ranking party administration meeting. It is known that he expressed his gratitude.

An official at the Blue House said, "It seems that Deputy Prime Minister Hong himself was trying to show responsibility, but the President saw that'it is not the responsibility of Deputy Prime Minister Hong'." "I'm the head of the authorities, and I'm not going to quit because of this."

(Photo = Yonhap News)