, November 2nd. According to the US "World Journal" report, as the weather slowly gets colder, it poses challenges for outdoor dining businesses in New York City. Many Chinese businesses spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on heating equipment. ; They said that because they have invested a lot of money in the early stage, they hope that the outdoor dining project can be permanent, but some industry players believe that customers are more willing to sit indoors to eat, and expanding the indoor passenger capacity is a better choice.

  Yang Janet, manager of the 8th Avenue Haiyue Restaurant, said that outdoor dining still brings great challenges in cold weather. The food will cool off within five minutes after it is delivered to the guests’ table, and the taste is not good. In addition, the wooden shed is hard to avoid when it rains Leaking water and requesting customers to move around can also cause a bad experience. The other party eventually had to pack the food away, and they felt embarrassed.

  Yang Janet said that at present, most customers prefer to sit indoors and eat, and only a few people would ask to sit outdoors; his boss spent hundreds of yuan to buy three electric heaters when the weather gradually became cold in early October. , But because the thread is different from the socket, it is temporarily sent for modification.

  Li Zhicheng, who runs a restaurant on Staten Island, said that in order to ensure that customers are warm enough to eat in the winter, he purchased four electric heaters and three propane fuel heaters, which cost more than 1,000 US dollars, and hiring a master to install independent wires requires additional Pay US$850; he said that the time limit for the outdoor dining project was fluctuating at the time, so he only set up tents temporarily. Later, he learned that the project would continue until 2021, and only hired people to build a strong wooden shed, which also cost at least US$7000. .

  Li Zhicheng said that many older customers want to stay outside, so they have to prepare better thermal equipment to meet their requirements, and he expects to increase electricity bills by at least US$500 per month; he spends a lot of money on pre-work arrangements. He hopes that outdoor dining can be permanent, so that the industry can slowly earn back capital.

  Yang Janet also believes that expanding the indoor capacity of the city is the best way for catering businesses to operate in winter. Because Chinese are quite self-disciplined and abide by all epidemic prevention regulations, many customers also have great confidence in Chinese restaurants and are very willing to eat indoors; It is said that the restaurant is actually very large and can accommodate more customers. I hope the city government can consider it carefully.

(Yan Jieen)