French President Close to Islam "Understanding the Upset of Caricatures" November 1, 10:52

French President Macron said in an interview with a satellite television station in the Middle East that his remarks about the caricature of Islamic prophets caused strong opposition in the Islamic world of the Middle East and Asia. I understand, "he said, showing his attitude of being close to Muslims.

Islam in the Middle East and Asia said that President Emmanuel Macron would "protect freedom of expression" in response to the murder of a teacher who showed a caricature of an Islamic prophet to his students in mid-October in France. It has led to strong opposition in the sphere and has developed into a demonstration.

Under these circumstances, President Macron responded to an interview with Al Jazeera, a satellite television station in Qatar, on the 31st, saying, "There are lie on SNS that I support caricatures that insult the Prophet. Muslims are caricatures. I know I'm upset, "he said, showing his willingness to be close to the Muslims.

On top of that, President Macron said, "It is never allowed to justify violence because of caricatures, and in this country we always protect freedom of speech, thought and expression," he said, saying that it is his role to protect his rights. I asked for understanding.

The French presidential palace is taking unusual measures such as publishing a video of an interview that lasted for nearly an hour with an Arabic translation on its website, with the aim of curbing the backlash that spreads among Islamic people.