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Bordeaux is playing competition: the early and effective coaching of Jean-Louis Gasset on Sunday against Nîmes (2-0) may have changed the hierarchy in the Gironde team, causing the statutes established for many months to be stolen.

To be checked from Sunday in Monaco in Ligue 1 (5 p.m.).

"When you feel that your team is not in the timing, lack of confidence, of technique, you have to change something. We are often criticized for being too late ...", summarizes the Bordeaux coach.

Otavio not far from the red card, Nicolas De Préville very far from the score, Bordeaux not far from nothing, Gasset decided and, as if by magic, everything improved.

With the spearheads of this thinning, the versatile Yacine Adli, the veteran Jimmy Briand and the left-handed Rémi Oudin and Mehdi Zerkane, all called to confirm.

- Adli, six of the future?


Relayeur-creator, the + Fellaini Bordeaux + is a hope (20 years) from whom one expects mountains and wonders but which often fails by irregularity.

Seeing him evolve alone in front of the defense does not seem incongruous because "he is a boy with great potential, who has the quality to be the first raiser", underlines the former defensive midfielder Philippe Lucas.

"In this position, he lost fewer balls than Otavio, he brought the binder", noted at his expense the Nîmes coach Jérôme Arpinon.

From there to see him a future at the post of N.6?

"As Bordeaux took Hatem Ben Arfa, (...), for Yacine, it is a question of going down a notch or not playing", summarizes Lucas, who sees in him "a playmaker back in his half "

The former Bordeaux U19 coach dares to compare with Adrien Rabiot or Fernando Redondo.

And awaits confirmation "on the outside, if he manages to exist defensively by recovering balls, and if under pressure, he manages to bring out good balls. If the player has the mind and the aggressiveness in him, he will quickly learn . "

- Briand, starving centenarian -

Jimmy Briand will have waited eight months, confinement and truce included, and ten matches, started for the most part on the bench, to finally reach the symbolic bar of 100 goals in L1.

A pride, a deliverance for Briand, 35, with an irreproachable hygiene of life, who does everything to last.

Himself a centenary scorer (126 goals on the clock) and remained close to Bordeaux, Lilian Laslandes is pleased to see him "join this restricted club" and now invites him "to aim for the 110, the additional ten".

"We must continue to set goals," continues Laslandes, who finds himself somewhat in Briand for his altruistic side (63 assists in L1, including the last two in Marseille and against Nîmes).

"I see him in training, he's in good shape. Afterwards it's in the head, recalls the former French international. When you reach the end of your career, you accept certain things more easily, especially if the coach trusts you on game ends. His luck is that in Bordeaux, there is not a striker who really stands out. So why not him? "

- Oudin-Zerkane, left caviar -

Facing Nîmes, after Rémi Oudin and Mehdi Zerkane came into play, the four players lined up in the midfield (Ben Arfa, Zerkane, Oudin, Toma Basic) had the distinction of being all left-handed.

An unusual configuration that "I do not remember having already seen in pro", testifies Nicolas Maurice-Belay, former left-handed midfielder of the Girondins.

"Usually, we (left-handed people) are in the minority in a squad. This has advantages because we are not like everyone else. We have a rather particular style, and thanks to wingers like Messi, Robben, Malcom, we has democratized the players false foot who return ", recognizes" NMB ", branching readily on the side ... aesthetic.

“Visually, we are more beautiful to see playing than a right-hander,” he smiles.

From there to making Bordeaux an elegant team against Monaco?

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