▲ Trump supporters vehicles surrounding the Democratic campaign 

Supporters of US President Donald Trump are armed with guns and threaten to besiege the Democratic campaign bus.

Local media reported yesterday (31st) local time that President Trump's supporters swear and booed around the Democratic presidential campaign bus on a highway in Texas, USA.

On the 30th of last month, the Democratic campaign bus was traveling from San Antonio to Austin on Highway 35.

It is said that the Democratic campaign bus passed by, amid long lines of vehicles with flags in support of President Trump.

Six or seven vehicles carrying supporters of President Trump were filmed in an instant surrounding the Democratic campaign bus and trying to stop the bus.

A dizzying scene was also spotted when a vehicle driven by a supporter of President Trump deliberately bumped into a car aboard a Democrat.

In this case, the Texas Democratic Party has canceled the campaign it was supposed to hold in a city near Austin.

In a statement, the Texas Democratic Party criticized the pro-Trump protesters for putting Democrats and supporters into a dangerous situation.

(Photo = Twitter capture, Yonhap News)