Unlike the world, China's leading respiratory disease authority, Zhongnanshan, a Chinese engineer, predicts that there will be no second coronavirus outbreak in China.

According to the state-run Global Times, he attended the'Health China Summit Forum' held in Hebei Province and said, "As some European cities were closed again, the second corona 19 epidemic began around the world, and tens of thousands of cases are reported a day in the United States." It.

Yarn Zhongnanshan, who even received a medal after China's declaration of victory over the coronavirus, claimed that "China is taking perfect control measures and is strictly implementing them nationwide, so it is unlikely that a second epidemic of Corona 19 will occur."

At the same time, Yonhap noted that sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks occurred from Wuhan to Kashgar in Xinjiang's Uighur Autonomous Region this year. 

(Photo = Baidu Capture, Yonhap News)