Have you ever cooked red mullet?

If this is not the case, the chroniclers of "La Table des bons vivant" cannot recommend enough that you discover this fish with a powerful taste, nicknamed "woodcock of the sea". 

On the market, its price can sometimes be a little dissuasive: 25 euros per kilo on the stalls of Marseille, for example.

But at the time of the standardization of tastes, the chroniclers of

La Table des bons vivants

are full of praise for this small fish with a pronounced and powerful taste: if you have never tasted red mullet before, it is time to take the plunge, whether you prefer it in a pan, en papillote or grilled. 

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To consume with a red wine

The fish has so much character that it is nicknamed "the woodcock of the sea".

A kind of marine game, which can be cooked whole, with its whisk, for even more flavor, to change from classic fish, like the eternal cod. 

A little tip from Olivier Poels: if you are used to consuming fish rather with white wine, red mullet goes perfectly with red.

You can, for example, eat it while drinking a wine from the south, such as a Bandol. 

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And if you are not a cook, write down an address for deconfinement - or order in "click and collect": the restaurant La Table, of chef Bruno Verjus, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, which offers a crispy and whole red mullet , breaded with rice flour and hibiscus.

We saliva in advance!