bishop of Bilbao Mario Iceta

has decided to separate "from the

ecclesiastical offices

that he had been performing"

Mikel Azpeitia, the priest of Lemoa

(Vizcaya) who, in a documentary on ETA, rejected that the armed gang used terrorism to interpret it as a "war between sides ".

Azpeitia now assures that he "regrets" and that what he said in an interview included in

Iñaki Arteta's


'Bajo el silencio' does not adequately express my feelings or in any way that of the Diocese in this matter.

Mario Iceta will end his twelve years as bishop of Bilbao on November 28 to take charge of the

Archdiocese of Burgos



before saying goodbye, he has punished the priest

Mikel Azpeitia by removing him from giving masses after his demonstrations about ETA terrorism.

The bishop has summoned the

Episcopal Council of Vizcaya

to analyze the content of the statements of the parish priest of Azpeitia in which he endorses the so-called 'theory of conflict' and shows his doubts about the

attack that cost the lives of two civil guards in 1981

in his location.

"You did not know what to expect, on the one hand you are happy that, well, he gets what he deserves, and on the other hand you are saying, but it is not right," says Azpeitia about the murder perpetrated by an ETA commando.

After the public denunciation of his statements made by the

Dignity and Justice



Azpeitia yesterday sent a brief letter to Iceta that the bishop has revealed today.

Just four sentences in which the priest in addition to manifesting repentance asks "sincerely for forgiveness" from the victims.

In addition, he maintains that during his career as a priest he has supported the positioning of the Diocese of Bilbao "in favor of peace and reconciliation."

Furthermore, Azpeitia was already "making his" position "available to the bishop hours after Iceta publicly rejected the content of the public statements of the Lemoa priest made for the Arteta documentary.

After bringing together those responsible for the Diocese of Bilbao, Iceta held a second meeting with Azpeitia himself and with the auxiliary bishop and possible successor of Iceta

Joseba Segura


After the conversation held by the three, the bishop of Bilbao made his decision public and removed the parish priest from his duties.

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