Anders Nystedt, infection control doctor, issued a press release on Saturday about the continued sharp increase in covid-19 in the county.

- It looks gloomy.

About 250 people with covid-19 in two days, which means that we will probably double the number of people with covid-19 this week compared to last, says Anders Nystedt.

Discuss restrictions

He reminds that the Halloween weekend party, where the police noted most youth parties this weekend, is not appropriate.

- We must prioritize life and health instead.

On Monday, I will contact the Public Health Agency and discuss the situation and any restrictions in Norrbotten, says Anders Nystedt in the press release from the Norrbotten Region.

Nine people are cared for in hospitals in the county for covid-19, of which three are cared for in the intensive care unit.

"Very worried"

- I am very worried and my feeling is that it is now like the beginning of March.

Those who are infected now are those who may need medical care and intensive care in just over a week, says Ulf Carlsson, medical director of anesthesia at Corona-IVA in Piteå and highly involved in the care of Covid-19 patients who need intensive care.

- No one who has not been directly involved in the intensive care of covid-19 patients can understand what this care means.

Now everyone must take their responsibility and think about their family, relatives and fellow human beings, says Ulf Karlsson in the press release.