• Covid: in Campania stop at preschools from Monday.

    De Luca: "The government is wasting time"

  • Covid, Emiliano: in Puglia teaching suspended in presence in all schools

  • Covid, antibodies decay after a few months: herd immunity impossible

  • Lockdown in Milan and Naples?

    De Magistris and Sala write to Speranza: "Closing is now wrong"

  • Milan: over 150 admissions to intensive care, Covid hospital in Fiera reopens

  • Dpcm, Crisanti: "A courageous and indispensable measure"

  • Brusaferro (Iss): the epidemic is running, eleven Regions with Rt 4 index


October 31, 2020 The situation in Italy - on the pandemic front - is becoming increasingly worrying.

So much so that - in these hours - the possibility of 'closing' cities like Milan and Naples is becoming increasingly popular, where there is a surge in cases, with the Governors on a war footing.

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, meanwhile, with the competent ministers and the heads of delegation of the majority parties, will take part in a new meeting in the afternoon to address the problem of infections in the school.

In yesterday's - according to sources - the issue of possible lockdown of the main cities would not have been addressed.

And precisely on this point,  

Andrea Crisanti

, professor of microbiology at the University of Padua, warns that "the closures are already at least two weeks late. At least in some regions it would be necessary to close earlier".

And he adds: "Now we are chasing the epidemic, we hope it is not too late. If we do not see different data on Wednesday, it will be over. We will necessarily go to lockdown, perhaps in a less severe form than in March. But something will be inevitable to do" . 

The President of the Higher Institute of Health,

Silvio Brusaferro

, yesterday recalled: "We consider a national RT still growing, always referring to last week, we reiterate that the effects of the recent Dpcm we cannot yet see. The RT is around. at 1.7. All regions are above 1 and some are very high. We are in scenario 3 but towards 4. Some regions have already reached scenario 4 ". 

Richeldi: "Watch out for the third wave"

"Closures not like in March, but watch out for the third wave".

Luca Richeldi, a member of the CTS, says that "it makes sense to wait a few days to see if the measures taken with the last Dpcm will take effect".

Interviewed by Sole 24 Ore, Richeldi explains: "If the numbers are unmanageable then we need to think about more decisive measures at the national level, not a lockdown like the one in March but a sustainable intervention in the medium term because winter is long and there is no can rule out that there is also a third wave of Covid.

The numbers are as worrying as those seen in other European countries, but we can still try to manage the impact by trying to lower the pressure on hospitals. We must also be ready for measures more decisive "even if - as far as the school is concerned -" it is worth saving an area that has a social importance especially for children "because" we have tools that work and we have invested a lot "therefore" for older students distance learning is a valid option ". 

Galli: "Limit meetings on the weekend"

"The situation is increasingly worrying. During this weekend, stay at home as much as possible and limit your meetings with family and friends to the bare essentials. Let us remember our dead in our hearts and minds and not crowding the cemeteries ".

This is the appeal of Massimo Galli, head physician at the Sacco hospital in Milan and professor at the University of Studies of the Lombard capital, on Twitter.

Lopalco: "Attention goes to social aggregators, that's why we have closed schools"

"I don't know if the lockdown of some cities can have an effect, it would be better to focus on some categories and functions. It is necessary to slow down the contacts that occur during the day, the attention goes to social aggregators, that's why we closed the schools ".

This was stated by the epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco, councilor for health of Puglia.

Milan, about 20 thousand cases this week

"This week we had foreseen and we are moving towards about 20 thousand cases".

The data was reported by the general manager of Ats Milano Metropolitan City, Walter Bergamaschi.

The trend shows "a flare-up in the first week of October and then a doubling the following week. Now the infections continue to grow in a worrying way", says the Dg.

So much so that the forecast for next week is to reach 30 thousand.

"In the 7 days from 4 to 10 October the cases were 2 thousand, then tripled the following week from 11 to 17 reaching 6 thousand, then they almost doubled in the week from 18 to 24, reaching 11,915 and this week we are moving towards the 20 thousand registered infections ".

This is the trend: from 2 thousand to 20 thousand, the infections are 10 times those of the beginning of the month.

10% of people who are hospitalized for Covid-19 (in turn equal to about 5% of positives) end up in intensive care.

So out of 200 cases, 10 are hospitalized and one goes to intensive care.

In the last week the swabs processed in Ats Milano have reached about 85 thousand, and - the General Manager specified during the hearing - we are "quite close to the limit".

The Rt contagion index for Milan today is 1.85.

In the Lombard capital we start "next week with rapid antigen tests, which will be mainly intended for schools and the social and health sector" says Bergamaschi.

In fact, it is planned to create two or three large drive-throughs for schools where rapid tests can be taken and one of these will be near the Trenno Park.

The position of the others is being defined.

De Luca: "The only effective measures are national closures"

"The last nonsense I heard concerns the closure of entire territories. We talked about Milan and Naples ... Nobody is allowed to imagine half measures. For the level of gravity at which it is the contagion arrived, the only serious and effective measures are of a national nature, the rest is wasted time ".

The president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca said in a direct Facebook.

"There are smaller Regions - he added - which have enormously higher rates of contagion than Naples. Don't be silly, the only effective measures are national in nature".