Chinanews, October 31st, a comprehensive report, on the 30th local time, a magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in the Aegean region, causing at least 22 people to die and nearly 800 people in Turkey and Greece.

According to reports, the earthquake also triggered a small-scale tsunami.

After the earthquake, the Prime Minister of Greece and the President of Turkey respectively extended condolences to each other and emphasized "show unity."

  According to news from the US Geological Survey website on the 30th, the epicenter of the earthquake was in Izmir Province, Turkey. The earthquake once spread to the Greek island of Samos.

In addition, the earthquake once triggered a small-scale tsunami, which caused the inundation of parts of Turkey's Izmir Province and the Greek island of Samos.

At the same time, earthquakes were felt in Athens, Greece, Crete and Istanbul, Turkey.

  According to Turkey, at least 20 people were killed in Izmir Province and at least 786 others were injured.

On the Greek island of Samos, two teenagers were killed and at least eight were injured.

  "The tremor was very strong enough to knock you down. My children and I ran out of the house staggeringly like drunks," said a retired teacher living in Urla, western Izmir.

  Mazlum Vesek, a local journalist from Izmir Province, said that when the earthquake occurred, he was walking along the street, "the ground flipped under my feet like a carpet." "People ran to the street because they Don't want to go in."

  Jude Wiggins, the coordinator of women’s affairs at the Samos Island Refugee Center in Greece, said that when the earthquake hit, “I ran out. Women ran around. For many women from Syria and other places, this was quite painful. , It feels like bombed."

  According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report, Turkish President Erdogan tweeted on social media after the earthquake, “I hope Izmir will recover as soon as possible” and promised “I will use all the power of the country. To support citizens affected by the earthquake, we have launched rescue operations in the earthquake zone."

  On the Greek island of Samos, a local cathedral was damaged by the earthquake, and many houses collapsed and a large number of buildings were damaged.

As the earthquake triggered a tsunami in the area, the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection sent an emergency warning to the residents of Samos and surrounding islands through the warning system to remind people to stay away from the coast to avoid being hit by waves.

  According to reports, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis was originally scheduled to deliver a national television speech at 3 pm local time on the 30th to introduce the development of the Greek epidemic to the public, but due to the impact of the earthquake, this speech will be postponed.

  In addition, Mizotakis said after the earthquake that he had called Turkish President Erdogan to "express condolences to the victims of the earthquake in our two countries."

Mizotakis wrote on social media, "No matter what differences we have, now our people need to stand together."

  Erdogan subsequently responded on social media, “I express condolences to the people of Greece on behalf of myself and the Turkish people”, “Turkey is also ready to help Greece at any time. The unity shown by the two'neighbors' in difficult times is better than Many things in life are more valuable."