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Some of these characteristics, however, depend on each model.

The best headphones for gamers will depend on your console, your desires, but also on its comfort.

From Spirit of Gamer headsets to HyperX, including models signed by the Asus brand, this selection will help you in your choice.

Everything you need to know before buying a gaming headset

What is a gaming headset?

Among their specificities, gaming headsets generally have a design that promotes user comfort.

They add a certain look to that: some can even be customized in the colors of a particular video game.

Finally, they always have a microphone.

Since many games are now playable online, the microphone allows for more immersive games with other players.

What format of headphones for gamers?

Whether it is to listen to music or to play, when choosing an audio headset, you must first look at the shape of it.

There are two main categories of headphones: over-ear headphones and over-ear headphones.

Gaming headsets are generally over-the-ear headphones, that is, their shape envelopes the ear rather than resting on it.

It's more comfortable for extended games.

On which consoles can I connect a gaming headset?

All computers and home consoles have their own gaming headsets.

For home consoles, it is important to look at the connectors, as these can be specific to a console.

Thus, a PS4 gaming headset will not necessarily be suitable for an Xbox One.

On the PC side, headsets are generally connected via USB, but it is also possible to find wireless gaming headsets, which then run on battery and via the Bluetooth connection.

The selection of the best headphones for gamers of the moment

Spirit of Gamer Pro-NH5: the affordable gaming headset

Spirit of Gamer Pro-NH5 audio headset - DR

The Pro-NH5 is an affordable wired headset.

Compatible in particular with the Switch (3 mm jack socket), it offers very good 2.0 stereo sound.

It adopts the on-ear format and is also equipped with a microphone, which will allow long frenzied games in the world of Nintendo.

The volume is managed directly on the cable of the device, allowing an unexpected adjustment.

Spirit of Gamer has finally added its initials and logo to this gaming headset, giving it a style of its own.

The pros and cons of the Spirit of Gamer Pro-NH5 gaming headset:

Most :

  • Ultra-advantageous price

  • Cable volume adjustment

  • 3.5mm jack compatible with various devices

  • Look

The lessers :

  • Perfectible finishes

Find here the Spirit of Gamer Pro-NH5

HyperX Cloud II: one of the most comfortable headphones for gaming

HyperX Cloud II Headphones - DR

Over-ear headphones are more comfortable, but the HyperX Cloud II goes further in the search for comfort.

This helmet has velvet effect cushions, including on its arch.

Fairly light, it becomes extremely comfortable to wear, even on the longest parts.

But the Cloud II also stands out on the sound side.

It simulates 7.1 sound that can be turned off if needed, features a microphone as well as cable volume settings.

This cable is also extremely long, so that you do not run out of length.

The pros and cons of the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset:

Most :

  • 7.1 simulated

  • Very generous cable length

  • Velvet effect cushions

  • Very good value for money

The lessers :

  • Beware of the cable lying around

Find here the HyperX Cloud II

Asus ROG STRIX GO: the wireless gaming headset

ROG STRIX GO Headphones - DR

As for wireless headsets, Asus offers a model for this selection that can connect to most devices.

This will use a receiver to be connected via USB-C, which then allows you to enjoy quality sound without constraints.

However, the ROG STRIX GO can also plug into a 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with a host of consoles.

In addition to its 25-hour battery life, it recharges enough in 15 minutes to last 3 hours.

Finally, the ROG STRIX GO benefits from active noise reduction using artificial intelligence.

The pros and cons of the ROG STRIX GO gaming headset:

Most :

  • Compatible with a host of devices

  • Nice autonomy

  • Active reduction of surrounding noise

  • Wireless freedom

The lessers :

  • The price

Find the ROG STRIX GO here

Acer PR Galea 350: the headphones for gamers with flawless sound

Acer Galea 350 headphones - DR

Acer's PR Galea 350 uses the advantages of wired cables to deliver the best possible sound.

Thanks to Acer's True Harmony technology, it is able to simulate 7.1 sound.

In addition, this sound can be adjusted via different modes (for game or music for example).

The circum-aural profile of these headphones is extremely comfortable, the headband also being equipped with cushions.

It also comes with a retractable microphone, allowing it not to interfere when it is not needed.

The pros and cons of the Acer Galea 350 gaming headset: 

Most :

  • True Harmony Technology

  • Different listening modes

  • Retractable microphone

  • Backlit

The lessers :

  • Cable too long

Find here the Acer Galea 350

Turtle Beach Recon 70X: the gaming headset for all gaming consoles

Turtle Beach Recon 70X Headphones - DR

Turtle Beach's Recon 70X is suitable for all consoles.

Although designed for the Microsoft Xbox One, this headset is also compatible with the PS4, Switch and most other mobile devices via a simple adapter.

Its 40mm headphones offer both quality sound and great comfort.

Lightweight, this white and green look helmet is finally one of the emblems of the EA Sports FIFA 2019 Global Series.

The pros and cons of the Turtle Beach Recon 70X gaming headset:

Most :

  • Compatibility between different consoles

  • FIFA 2109 Competitions Audio Partner

  • Quality sound

  • Lightweight

  • Price

The lessers :

  • Still requires an adapter for non-Xbox One use

Find here the Turtle Beach Recon 70X

Gaming headsets are chosen according to the consoles, or even the games you prefer.

In addition to the quality of the sound, it is also necessary to be interested in elements such as the connections, the weight or the presence of the microphone.

The best gaming headphones for you will therefore be the one that will follow you for long hours while offering you comfort and perfect immersion.

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