China News Service, October 30. According to a comprehensive U.S. media report, on the 29th local time, Michigan Attorney General Nasser stated that the FBI and Michigan State Police had arrested two members related to the white supremacy organization.

The two suspects were charged with multiple felonies and if found guilty, they could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

  According to CBS reports, the two men arrested were 25-year-old Justen Watkins (Justen Watkins) and 35-year-old Alfred Gorman (Alfred Gorman), both of whom were from Michigan.

Watkins claims to be the leader of The Base, a white supremacist organization.

The organization publicly advocates violence and criminal acts against the American people and claims that it is training for a race war in order to establish white rule in some areas of the United States.

  The prosecutor also stated that Watkins had established a "hate camp" for members of the organization.

He allegedly conducted tactics and gun training for members of the organization.

  According to the USA Today website, the police said that in December 2019, Watkins and Gorman were suspected of intimidating a couple and their children.

Two white supremacists appeared on the porch of the couple's house in the middle of the night and took pictures of their home.

  The police said that in fact, the suspect's target was a podcast anchor, but the anchor did not live in the house.

The anchor expressed concern about the rise of white supremacy in the United States.

  Michigan Attorney General Nasser said in a statement: "The use of intimidation to incite fear and violence constitutes a crime."

  According to the report, a few weeks ago, US law enforcement officers thwarted a kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Whitmer. A total of 13 people were arrested. Seven of them also planned to attack the Michigan State Capitol and kidnap state government officials.

The arrest on the 29th has nothing to do with the alleged kidnapping plot.