• Terror in France: police officer beheaded in the Nice Cathedral

  • Attack in Nice, "Killer landed in Lampedusa".

    Salvini: "If confirmed Lamorgese resignation"

  • Massacre in the cathedral of Nice, 3 dead, the killer arrived from Lampedusa

  • The Community of Sant'Egidio and the Nice massacre.

    Impagliazzo: "Let's not fall into the trap of hatred"


October 30, 2020 "This is the time to stop with the controversy and be close to the French people and various European countries. This is an attack on Europe: Lampedusa in Italy is the gateway to Europe".

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese says this in response to the controversy raised by Matteo Salvini in relation to the Nice massacre.

It's time to stop the controversy

"It's time to stop the controversy", said Minister Luciana Lamorgese on the opposition's request for resignation after it emerged that the killer of the Nice massacre had landed in Lampedusa.

The security decrees have created insecurity

"There is no responsibility on our part: we talk about our changes to the security decree but those decrees instead of creating security have created insecurity because 20,000 people had to leave the reception overnight", said the minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, speaking of the controversy following the attack in Nice.

"We - he explained - have tried to keep in mind the security needs of the country, not dispersing everyone on the national territory, making targeted projects and so that they remain under the radar of the police forces".

Killer never reported neither by Tunisia nor by Intelligence

"The Tunisian who murdered three people in Nice had not been reported by the Tunisian authorities nor was reported by the intelligence.

Similar cases in the past, opposition did not apologize for the attacks of 2017

It arrived in Lampedusa with an autonomous landing on September 20 and received a push-back decree on October 9 ".

This was said by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, recalling that "cases of this kind had also occurred in the past. And then I wonder why the opposition forces that today have apologized to France, to which I manifest all my solidarity, they did not consider to apologize in other serious cases that have occurred and I am speaking for example of the attacks on the London Underground, on London Bridge or on the Rambla. It is time to stop with these controversies "