Another 27-year-old man is sentenced in the same case to probation for aiding and abetting assault.

A third man in his 40s is sentenced to a suspended sentence and a daily fine for vandalism.

The assault took place on Friday 29 May this year and the 40-year-old died the following day.

According to the verdict, the 27-year-old killed the victim by punching him in the face and then kicking and stamping the man on different sides of the head after he fell to the ground.


The origin of the incident is that the convicted trio met and drank alcohol on the day in question.

During the party, there was talk that the 40-year-old had previously beaten others.

The two 27-year-olds went home to the 40-year-old and came across him outside the home in Boxholm.

There he was beaten to the ground and the convicted murderer also kicked the victim in the head.

The 40-year-old died the day after the assault.

The murder convict appears under 13 sections in the indictment register and was convicted in 2017 of assault.

He will stay in custody and will also pay just over SEK 134,000 in damages.