Contribution of approximately 27 billion yen for re-expansion of EU corona infection Support for transporting patients across borders October 30, 11:25

Following the rapid spread of coronavirus infection in Europe, the EU-European Union has contributed approximately 27 billion yen in Japanese yen to prevent the collapse of medical care in member states for cross-border patients. We have shown a policy to support transportation.

In Europe, the infection has spread rapidly again, with more than 1 million people infected with the new coronavirus in France and Spain, and the medical system is beginning to tighten in some countries.

In response to this, the EU held an urgent summit meeting online on the 29th to discuss the response.

At a press conference after the meeting, EU Chairman Von der Leyen contributed 220 million euros, or about 27 billion yen in Japanese yen, to help transport patients across borders to prevent medical collapse in member states. I showed the policy to do.

In addition, at the summit meeting, we will expand the antigen test that can obtain results in a short time although it is inferior to the PCR test, and link the mobile phone application used for tracking infected persons introduced by each country to cross the border We also agreed to make it available beyond.

In the EU, there is concern that free movement across borders, which is permitted among many member countries, will spread the infection again, and the infection will spread by strengthening cooperation among countries and expanding inspections. I want to suppress.