Caricatures: new protests against France in Pakistan

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Protesters at a rally against Emmanuel Macron and Charlie Hebdo's repost of Muhammad cartoons, in Islamabad, Pakistan, October 30, 2020. AP Photo / AH Chaudary

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In Pakistan, demonstrations took place this Friday, October 30 in several major cities to protest against the remarks made last week by French President Emmanuel Macron, who defended the freedom to caricature religions.

In Islamabad, nearly a thousand people demonstrated.


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With our correspondent in Islamabad

Sonia Ghezali

There is only one punishment for those who blaspheme, their heads must be cut off,

 " shouts a man perched on the trailer of a van in a megaphone.

Among the organizers of this gathering, Sardar Mohsin Abassin, the leader of a student organization.


The French president's speech shows that he has mental problems.

He challenges 1.8 billion Muslims who are in 57 Muslim countries.

Countries that are devoted to their prophet more than anything in the world,

 ”he says.

Farushka made a 7-hour trip to come and demonstrate in the capital.


The French ambassador must be released.

We cannot accept that the French president is disrespecting our prophet and that his ambassador is sitting quietly with us,

 ”he said.

A portrait of Emmanuel Macron burned

A portrait of Emmanuel Macron burns on a pile of wood on the floor.

A man holds up a sign and reads the slogan: “ 

Oh French, our atomic bomb is ready to destroy your existence


A few minutes later, the demonstrators decide to brave the police cordon and climb the containers which block the road which leads to the diplomatic enclave where the French embassy is located.

They will stay in front until the Ambassador leaves their country.

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