The US court in Washington summoned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and 9 others, in addition to the Misk Charitable Foundation, in the lawsuit filed by former Saudi security advisor Saad Al-Jabri against them, in which he accused them of trying to assassinate him.

A Washington court document on October 29 - CNN obtained a copy - showed that it sent a subpoena to Mohammed bin Salman via WhatsApp in both Arabic and English on September 22.

The court documents also included a picture of the messages sent via WhatsApp showing their arrival and access to them by the addressee, and "the addressee saw them 20 minutes after their arrival," according to the network.

The court also sent subpoenas to the Misk Charitable Foundation and 9 Saudi defendants, including Badr Al-Asaker, Saud Al-Qahtani and Ahmed Asiri, through WhatsApp and Signal.

Saad Al-Jabri - who worked as an advisor to the former crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef - filed a lawsuit against Prince Muhammad bin Salman and 13 Saudis, and Al-Jabri claimed that an "assassination squad" was sent from the Kingdom to Canada "in an attempt to eliminate him" in October. The first, 2018, just days after the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi "by members of the same group."