UN appeals to Afghanistan for intensified fighting ceasefire and protection of civilians October 30, 4:04

In Afghanistan, fighting and terrorism have continued since September, when the government and the insurgent Taliban began talks for a ceasefire, with more than 700 casualties in September alone.

The United Nations is calling for the immediate suspension of combat and the protection of civilians.

In Afghanistan, the government and the Taliban began talks for a ceasefire last month, but due to disagreements over the conditions of the ceasefire, no major progress has been made so far, and fighting and terrorism continue in various parts of the country. ..

According to the United Nations, 776 civilians were killed or injured in combat or terrorism last month alone.

On the 24th of this month, a suicide bombing that seems to have aimed at educational facilities in the capital Kabul killed 18 people, and the number of victims in southern Helmand and eastern Nangarhar was endless. It appeals for immediate suspension and protection of civilians.

While the government and the Taliban cannot foresee the progress of the ceasefire talks, the Taliban's offensive is intensifying in Afghanistan, and terrorism by the extremist organization IS = Islamic State is occurring one after another, making the restoration of security a major issue.