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Like the phoenix,

María Jiménez

(70) has always been reborn from her own ashes at such cruel moments in her life as the

death of her daughter,

the mistreatment of

Pepe Sancho

or her serious

intestinal problems

that almost ended her her last year.

With more force than ever, the artist from Seville comes to

El Hormiguero 3.0

for the

first time to


her new work,

La vida ... a mi modo,

in which she has collaborated with

Miguel Poveda or Pitingo.

His childhood was marked by need.

He lived in an apartment so tiny that the

bathroom was in a hallway shared

by all the neighbors.

When his father fell ill, he had to earn his beans by

wrapping polvorones, cleaning dishes

or taking care of children while in his thoughts the idea of

being an artist

gained more force than ever.

At the age of 15 he showed great courage to move to Barcelona to pursue his dream.

There she found

work as a maid

for a family of the upper bourgeoisie, but walking along the famous Ramblas she had the courage to enter the

Villa Rosa flamenco tavern

where she improvised a couple of songs and the owner hired her for

200 pesetas a day.

At the age of 17 he moved back to Seville to perform at the Los Gallos and La Cochera tablaos, where he

shared the bill with Lola Flores or Farruco.

The singer and her then partner, Pepe Sancho, in the 1980s.

It was precisely La Faraona who told her that she was pregnant.

He sensed it.

So it was.

His daughter María del Rocío was

born on January 7, 1968, but the father was not present since

he went to buy tobacco and never returned.

The father was said to belong to an important family from Seville.

At that time, being a single mother was a scandal.

Due to financial constraints, she returned to her father's home, but it didn't take long for her to

leave the little girl in the care of her grandparents

to go to Madrid to find a life.

In the capital, she

found work in the tablaos

El Duende, in Gitanillo de Triana and Pastora Imperio, and Las Brujas, where Emilio Romero, the quintessential journalism teacher, baptized her as

La Pipa

because "listening to her sing she reminds me of the aroma of a hookah ".

But that nickname hit him like a shot at first because in Seville it is synonymous with the intimate parts of women.

But bad weather, good face.

His first record work was

María La Pipa

(1975), which unleashed the

eroticization of the rumba

with themes as powerful as

I give myself whole


Háblame en la cama


She was about to

marry the boxer Mando Ramos,

but Pedro Carrasco - Rocío Jurado's ex-husband - advised her not to do so.

That decision would change his life forever since, after obtaining a resounding success with

Se finished

(1978), he

met Pepe Sancho,

who also savored the honeys of popularity thanks to the

Curro Jiménez



Together with his son Alejandro, fruit of his marriage with Pepe Sancho.

They were married in 1980, the wedding dress

cost 350,000 of the old pesetas,

there were almost 3,500 guests and 1.8 million pesetas were spent on the banquet.

Pepe adopted Rocío

and in February 1983 his only son, Alejandro, was born, who has already made him a grandmother.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but professionally she began to decline and emotionally she lived through an ordeal with

her husband's

insults, humiliations and infidelities




in 1984, and the following year, she suffered the hardest blow of her life when

her daughter died at 17 in a




He thought of committing suicide, but thanks to the music he clung to life.

Although on some occasion, the versatile artist has confessed that she

lived seven years of madness.

Addicted to the actor's love,

they remarried

in 1986 in Costa Rica and four years later they did the same in Bali to collect an exclusive succulent.

But Pepe was still unfaithful, he was jealous, he harassed her ... There was mistreatment, but those events prescribed and the actor was not sentenced.


definitively divorced in 2002,

shortly after María's resounding success with her fifteenth album,

Where it hurts more (Sing for Sabina)

, for which she dressed as a peacock during some of her performances.

In her memoirs,

Calla, a scoundrel,

made clear the Jekyll & Hyde-style personality of her ex-husband who, over time, was discovered to have had a son named Javier in 1973 with a former hostess of the

One, Two Three


.. answer again.

To add insult to injury, María Jiménez also

defeated two cancers.

Established in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) since 2003, María Jiménez tries to

drink life

as Ava Gardner did in her day.

His voice is so unique that when they tell him where that art comes from, he doesn't hesitate: "I sing with my pussy."

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