The blood loss occurred in connection with a murder investigation that Björn Thurfors was involved in - and resulted in meetings with representatives from the National Forensic Center, NFC.

It was at one of these meetings that Björn Thurfors found out the detail that became the starting point for his own investigation.

NFC has a limit value which means that they generally do not make complete analyzes of traces where the DNA content falls below that value.

- It can not be the case that they do it that way, it has enormous consequences for the judiciary.

How many DNA extracts are not in their freezers that can be used - because NFC does not want to analyze, says Björn Thurfors.

According to NFC's chief executive Helena Trolläng, NFC does not have the opportunity to make complete analyzes of all DNA traces that the police send in.

In a recording from the meeting, a forensic scientist at NFC talks about their method for Björn Thurfors.