In Örebro pastorate, the Church of Sweden has planned extra for this year's All Saints' Day weekend.

There will be several memorial services this weekend for those who passed away during the year.

The churches are also extra open.

In the small church in Almby, a maximum of 25 people can be at the same time, but the idea is that visitors should be able to enter continuously.

- We believe that many will pay attention to Allahelgona.

Maybe even more than in previous years, says parish pastor Brita Wennsten.

Memorial site in the middle of the city

For those people who do not have the opportunity to travel away to visit graves in other parts of the country or the world, there is a special event.

- Because Nicolai Church is so central, we will arrange a memorial site where you can go and light candles.

During the week, representatives of Örebro pastorate will be out handing out candles in the city to show that those who mourn and miss are not alone in their grief, Brita says.

Photo: Johannes Weckström / SVT

For cemetery visitors, general advice on distance and avoiding congestion applies.

In addition, the public is asked to plan their visit to the cemetery at a time other than Halloween itself, when most people normally visit the graves.

- Do not come all on Saturday night, Saturday afternoon but spread out your coming.

We will be open in the church on Friday, which we have not had before.

You can come and light candles even then, says Brita Wennsten.

- It is usually fantastic to stand up here by the church and see all the candles lit, says parish pastor Brita Wennsten.

Photo: Johannes Weckström / SVT