• Politics: Parliament expels Teresa Rodríguez from her parliamentary group at the request of Podemos

The operation that has led to the expulsion of Teresa Rodríguez and seven other deputies from Adelante Andalucía for turncoats from her own parliamentary group will end in court if the Bureau of Parliament does not rectify.

The expelled deputies have submitted a letter to the political body that made the decision requesting the suspension of the measure and demanding

a legal report from the Chamber's lawyer,

in the conviction that the resolution adopted lacks legal grounds and violates fundamental rights of the parliamentarians.

In addition, Teresa Rodríguez herself, who is currently on maternity leave, has issued a message through a video in which she accuses the PSOE, Podemos and Izquierda Unida of getting rid of the deputies of their political current because they consider them an obstacle to agreeing again in Andalusia.

"The PSOE needs to annul a part of the Andalusian left that is annoying because we have been implacable," the deputy explained.

Furthermore, he regrets that Podemos and Izquierda Unida play the game of the Socialist Party in this way, becoming

a "submissive and loyal" left

"in exchange for two or three councils" in a hypothetical future government of the Junta.

But their darts are not directed only at the left parties, since Vox and the PP also voted at the

Parliament Table

in favor of accepting the requested expulsion of the eight parliamentarians from Adelante Andalucía: "A divided left is good for the right ".

In addition, he affirms that the speech of his deputies is uncomfortable for the rest of the groups "because we have taken the colors" by denouncing their "privileges" and demanding the elimination of diets without justifying, for example.

The expulsion of Rodríguez and seven other deputies from Adelante Andalucía occurred after the current spokesperson,

Inmaculada Nieto

(IU) -who replaces Rodríguez during her maternity leave-, submitted a letter to the Parliament Board in which Podemos assured that They are no longer part of the party and therefore are in a situation of "transfuguismo".

Let's remember that Podemos was one of the parties that made up the electoral coalition headed by Teresa Rodríguez, along with IU, Primavera Andaluza and Izquierda Andalucista.

In the Andalusian elections, that coalition obtained 17 deputies, 11 belonging to Podemos and 6 from IU.

In the appeal filed before the Autonomous Chamber, those expelled make a detailed account of the facts, from the "untimely" presentation, that is, after the deadline, of the letter in which the expulsion was requested, to the reservations raised by the lawyer Parliament and the president of the Chamber,

Marta Bosquet

, who pointed to the need to demand a legal report prior to a decision that has left eight deputies without elementary tools for the exercise of parliamentary representation.

In their claim before the Table, the expelled deputies emphasize that this body not only accepted the letter presented by Inmaculada Nieto out of time, but also concealed it in some way from the interested parties, who only learned of it on the same morning at the that was discussed.

"Our right to constitute a parliamentary group when we were elected also includes the right to remain in it and not to be separated from it except by procedures in accordance with the law. The

Constitutional Court holds

the parliamentary bodies directly responsible for the safeguarding of that right (STC 109 / 2016, of June 7), in this case the Board of the Parliament of Andalusia ", underline in that text those affected.

«Our political rights recognized by article 23 of the Constitution and the Regulation of the Parliament of Andalusia have been violated.

But we have also been rendered helpless.

In addition to the concealment of the letter to deprive us of any reaction, there is also the refusal of the Board to verify the facts that Mrs. Nieto falsely exposes.

A petition that curtails the rights of these parliamentarians has been accepted for processing, an unprecedented part, without legal motivation, and preventing us from being able to defend ourselves in the only instance that decides on the loss of our rights, "he adds.

Regarding the accusation of transfuguismo, the appeal denies the greatest, and considers the political tensions that are lived within Adelante Andalucía as typical of the political formations, although "amplified" by the fact of being a

coalition of parties


«If the Bureau of Parliament takes the side of one of the Adelante Andalucía coalition forces and punishes the eight deputies who have been expelled from our parliamentary group for their ideas, the paradox will arise that we will enjoy immunity outside the Chamber for the public opinions that we express, but we will be persecuted within the Parliament of Andalusia, "he concludes.

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Politics Parliament expels Teresa Rodríguez from her parliamentary group at the request of Podemos

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