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Jean-Marc Quinet / ISOPIX / SIPA

His previous conviction for malicious intent weighed against him.

On Wednesday, a 40-year-old man, living in Bonson, in the Loire, was sentenced to six months in prison, including two months, for attacking his ex-girlfriend.

In June 2019, after a visibly badly accepted separation, the man had registered the young woman on an escort-girl site and disclosed her phone number.

The young woman then received several unequivocal calls, quite disturbing, reports

Le Progrès.

At the bar, the man was shocked by his lack of remorse.

An attitude that worked against him, especially as a few months before the events, he had already been sentenced by the courts for malicious calls made to his ex-girlfriend.

The 40-year-old, whose previous suspension of two months in prison was revoked by the court on Wednesday, is also prohibited from coming into contact with his ex.


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