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  • Government Sanchez will approve the state of alarm until May and will only render accounts in Congress every two months

  • Politics The PP will abstain and will not support Pedro Sánchez's six-month state of alarm

"The Government is aware that citizens are beginning to be tired, but this is not the time to relax measures. We are facing weeks, months, which are going to be very hard. We still have a long horizon ahead of us. the parties will be different. "

With this pessimistic message, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has begun his intervention before the plenary session of Congress aimed at requesting authorization to extend the state of alarm over the entire national territory for six months.

An authorization that will go ahead with a large majority of votes.

"The current scenario is very worrying at the gates of winter and therefore, and because a good number of autonomies have requested it, the Government has decided to approve such a long state of alarm. We are fully immersed in the second wave of the pandemic. "

This has been the argument with which the minister has supported the Executive's proposal.

Illa has justified the Government's management during the 100 days that the state of alarm decreed last March lasted and that fell on June 21.

The minister recalled that the government's plan was to go until July 20, but it could not be because there were autonomous communities that rejected it and the majority necessary to revalidate it could not be found in Congress.

After that, the minister praised the "co-governance" with the CCAA, which from now on will be in charge of adopting the measures it deems appropriate under the state of alarm, depending on their needs.

However, he has warned that the Ministry will be alert to exercise its role of "coordination" when the situation so requires, as it has done in recent months.

From now on, the CCAA will be able to decide whether to close the perimeter of their respective territories in whole or only in part, if they declare curfews and, ultimately, if they restrict the right to mobility and assembly of their citizens.

For this, the Executive defends the need to impose the state of alarm as the "only appropriate constitutional tool."

A state of alarm that, as has been repeated, is activated at the request of a good number of autonomies.

The regional presidents will therefore be the delegated authorities.

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