The amount is based on a survey conducted by the Sami Parliament on the industry's assessment, according to SSR.

“As a consequence of the worldwide pandemic, reindeer herders are in a very difficult situation.

The reindeer meat market, consisting of a small number of reindeer meat buyers and slaughterhouses, is vulnerable when major changes occur that are beyond their control, SSR writes via chairman Åsa Larsson Blind.

Disturbed by "homesteading" mountain visitors

There is great uncertainty about how large volumes of meat will be bought from the reindeer owners during the coming slaughter season.

The chairman emphasizes that "homesteading" Swedes in the mountains caused further disruption to the industry during the pandemic.

“Last summer, major disruptions were reported due to the high number of tourists in the mountains.

Many foreign tourists have been absent, but instead the increasing trend of "homesteading" has been judged to be the cause.

It is very difficult to detect these disturbances in separate economic terms, but this problem should be included in the assessment ”.