To date, a total of seven cases among patients and six cases among employees have been detected.

The stopped operations take place because the clinic wants to wait for test results regarding corona infection in all employees and hospitalized patients.

- These are planned interventions for patients who are inpatient care, says Ulf Nordström.

In other words, it is not about emergency procedures.

According to Ulf Nordström, the operating stop lasts for a week.

Then the situation must show whether the stop needs to be extended or not.

It is unclear where the infection comes from

- We do not know how the infection got in.

We do not know if it is about a patient who brought the infection or if someone in the staff has been infected, says Ulf Nordström.

Signar Mäkitalo, infection control doctor in Sörmland, agrees and says this in a press release:

- We do not know the origin of the spread of infection but are pretty sure that it started in mid-October.

We got the first positive test result on October 22 and since then infection tracking has started.

We call this a cluster outbreak.

It is obviously very unfortunate that this has happened, we take this very seriously and we now hope that as few as possible are exposed to the risk of infection.