OECD Ministerial Council to recover the impact of the new corona With the cooperation of member states October 30, 3:58

The OECD = Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's ministerial board meeting was held in the form of a video conference, recognizing that it is important for each country to work together on digitization and free trade in order to recover from the effects of the new coronavirus. It matched.

The OECD Ministerial Council, which includes 37 countries including Japan, Europe and the United States, was held in a video conference format from the 28th to the 2nd.

At the plenary meeting on the 29th, discussions were held on the theme of recovery from the effects of the new coronavirus, and Foreign Minister Washio, who attended from Japan, explained Japan's efforts for international cooperation in the field of medical care and health, and each country is developing. There were a number of voices pointing out the importance of international cooperation and cooperation, including national support.

After the meeting, a ministerial statement was issued, stating that "all countries are affected by the new coronavirus and mutual cooperation is needed for recovery" and "promoting sustainable and quality infrastructure." Each country has agreed that it is important to work on digitalization, free and fair trade and investment. "