At the microphone of Europe 1, Laura, a parishioner of the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, reacted to the attack which killed three people on Thursday, paying homage in particular to one of the victims, the sacristan of the basilica, about 45 years old.

"He was smiling all the time," she recalls. 

He is one of the three victims of the attack committed Thursday morning in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice.

A man of about 45, sacristan of the basilica, was slaughtered in the place of worship.

On a daily basis, this lay employee of the parish was in particular in charge of welcoming, but also of organizing the proper holding of masses.

His death therefore aroused great emotion in the parish where, like Laura, he is described as a "tolerant" man. 


Nice attack: what we know about the assailant and the victims

"He had never provoked anyone"

"I know him, he was always smiling", testifies the parishioner, the voice choked by emotion, describing a man "shy".

"He was assisting the priest," she says, "it wasn't just someone who closed the church and opened it in the morning."

And to continue: "He kept this church clean and it was warm, well heated, so that other people who were not of the same denomination came home to rest. He welcomed them, gave them water. . " 

"He was a tolerant man," continues the parishioner.

"He had never provoked anyone. So why him?"