In addition, the Democratic Party's CEO Nak-yeon Lee announced the nomination policy, saying, "I have come to the idea that it is the responsibility of the citizens to be judged by nominating candidates through the nomination of candidates."

Representative Lee said at the General Assembly on the 29th, "With the consent of the highest members this morning, it was decided by the vote of the former party members whether to amend the party constitution, which opens the way to nominate candidates."

"The party constitution stipulates that the party will not recommend candidates to the constituency if they lose their position due to major errors such as corruption, corruption, etc.," he said. I explained.

“As a result of hearing opinions from inside and outside the party for a long time, I came to the idea that not giving a candidate is not a responsible option, but rather being judged by nomination is a responsibility.” Some point out that they are overly restricting voter choices.”

Representative Lee said, "I apologize to the citizens of Seoul and Busan and the people again and again for causing the governmental vacancy due to the Party's fault and for causing the by-election to be held."

He also said, "I am sorry for asking for the by-election," and said, "The Democratic Party will be reborn as a responsible party by deeply examining its own shortcomings."

(Photo = Yonhap News)