China News Service, October 29. According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, 14 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Work Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand and Promoting Consumption in the Near Future" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

The "Plan" mentioned that the promotion of offline service consumption will accelerate the "access to the Internet" and fully release the online economic potential.

To improve the "Internet +" medical insurance payment policy.

On the premise of ensuring the safety and quality of medical care, the cost of online follow-up visits for chronic diseases will be included in the scope of medical insurance payment.

  In addition, enrich the supply of online sports smart events.

Holding a national smart sports competition, incorporating smart skiing, smart football, smart racing, smart riding and more into the schedule, combined with broadening 5G application scenarios, and driving the rapid sales of fitness equipment and 5G terminal products.

  The "Plan" also stated that it will expand the types of Internet education service products.

Enriching product types, providing colleges with qualified socialized, market-oriented high-quality online course resources, intelligent online teaching aids, education analysis systems and management systems based on big data, etc., to meet the purchase and use needs of colleges and universities, and help improve college education Information level.

  The "Plan" proposes to promote the development of online museums to drive the sales of cultural and creative products.

Encourage qualified cultural and museum units at all levels to develop online museums, combining 5G, virtual reality and other technologies to increase three-dimensional exhibits.

The development proceeds of cultural and creative products are allowed to be used for daily expenditures of cultural and cultural institutions, collection of collections, and provision of public services in accordance with regulations.

  The "Plan" also mentions reducing the employment cost of individual online entrepreneurship.

Guide the e-commerce platform to further fulfill its social responsibilities, and appropriately reduce the service costs of opening a store and draining traffic involved in the transaction of the e-commerce platform.

  The "Plan" proposes to promote the integrated development of online and offline property services.

Build a smart property platform, promote property service companies to connect with various commercial services, build an online and offline life service circle, and meet residents' diverse life service needs.