China News Service, Beijing, October 29 (Reporter Gao Kai) Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense of China, introduced in Beijing on the 29th that recently, the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission and other relevant departments have innovated and used high Scientific and technological means are focused on improving the training and living conditions of officers and soldiers in the plateau and alpine climate.

  At the regular press conference that day, a reporter asked: The media recently reported that the Chinese army has used high-tech means to improve the living conditions of highland border officers and soldiers during training.

Please give a further introduction.

  Wu Qian said that recently, the Central Military Commission’s Logistics Support Department and other relevant departments have made innovative use of high-tech methods on the basis of in-depth front-line investigations to improve the training and living conditions of officers and soldiers in the plateau and alpine climate.

In terms of accommodation, a new type of disassembly and assembly-style self-powered thermal insulation shelter is allocated, which can be built by officers and soldiers and is energy-sufficient.

In areas where the outdoor temperature is -40°C and the altitude is above 5000 meters, the indoor temperature can be guaranteed to be higher than 15°C; in terms of bedding, the development of new types of sleeping bags, down training coats and cotton underwear, cold boots and other beddings, cold and warm It has strong functions, light weight and comfort, and is suitable for high altitude and cold areas. In terms of food, it is equipped with new food insulation equipment and tried new high altitude field foods. It can effectively self-heat at an altitude of 3000 meters and a temperature above -30°C.

A batch of new heat-preserving vegetable cellars integrating moisture-proof, anti-freezing, and fresh-keeping functions have been built and put into use. UAVs are used to load fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver them to the duty station to solve the problem of inconvenient supplies such as walking relay and back transportation.

  He said that logistical support capabilities directly connect combat effectiveness.

The use of high-tech means will help build logistical support capabilities and push the troops to deepen their preparations for war.