Arab and Islamic condemnations continue for the stabbing incident in Nice, southern France, on Thursday, which left 3 people dead and others injured.

The World Federation of Muslim Scholars, based in Doha, said in a statement that it condemns and denounces "this heinous barbaric crime, whatever its perpetrator, and whatever his motives and goals," according to a statement by its president, Ahmed Raissouni and its secretary general, Ali Al-Qaradaghi.

The Union affirmed the innocence of Islam and the nation of Islam from this criminal act, explaining that "true Islam - embodied in common Muslims, their scholars and their institutions - considers such actions as strictly forbidden and deviating from the principles, values ​​and rulings of Islam."

He renewed his call to Muslims in general, and in European countries in particular, to fight any tendency that tends to extremism, violence and terrorism, calling for the consolidation of the approach of moderation, peace, compassion and harmony.

Al-Azhar had previously condemned, in a statement in the name of its sheikh, Ahmed al-Tayeb, the “abhorrent terrorist attack,” adding that “there is in no way a justification for those hateful terrorist acts that are inconsistent with the tolerant teachings of Islam and all divine religions.”

In a statement issued by its Foreign Ministry, the State of Qatar expressed its strong condemnation and condemnation of the stabbing incident, which took place inside a church in the city of Nice, which led to deaths and injuries.

The statement reiterated the State of Qatar's firm position on rejecting violence and terrorism, regardless of the motives and reasons, stressing the State of Qatar's total rejection of targeting places of worship and terrorizing the safe.

Jordan also condemned the stabbing incident, and the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dhaifallah Al-Fayez, confirmed, in a statement, the kingdom's condemnation and condemnation of this crime.

Al-Fayez denounced all forms of violence and terrorism that target without discrimination everyone, aim to destabilize security and stability, and are inconsistent with religious and humanitarian values ​​and principles.

The Jordanian spokesman stressed the need to "strengthen international cooperation in combating terrorism and the culture of hatred in all their forms, and to consolidate the values ​​of harmony and respect for others."

terrorism has no religion

The Lebanese Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, said, through his Twitter account, "I strongly condemn and denounce the heinous criminal attack on Notre Dame Church," adding, "Terrorism has no religion, and all Muslims are called to reject this criminal act that does not belong to Islam or the Prophet of love, in memory of his noble birth," With any religious, moral and human connection. "

For his part, Turkish Vice President Fuad Oktay condemned, on Thursday, the stabbing incident in Nice, France, and stressed that violence and terrorism do not comply with religious values.

He added in a tweet on his Twitter account, "Violence and terrorism are inconsistent with religious and moral values, especially if they take place in a place of worship."

Oktay offered his condolences to the French people, and renewed his call for full solidarity against extremism.

Turkey strongly condemned the "brutal attack" and offered its condolences to the families of the victims.

The Foreign Ministry said, "There is no justification to destroy a person's life, and whoever committed the Nice attack lacks religious and human values."