Five days before the US presidential election, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, are campaigning for the first time in the same place today: Tampa, in the state of Florida, which is of great importance by voting.

Within hours of Thursday afternoon, the two candidates will hold two electoral rallies in the city of West Florida, the state that most often favors the election results, since 1964 the winner in Florida has won the presidential election every time, with one exception.

The number of votes allocated to the state of Florida in the electoral college is 29, and it has great importance in the elections that take place next Tuesday.

Trump and Biden are tied in a new poll by Reuters / Ipsos.

With the spread of the "Covid-19" disease caused by infection with the Corona virus across the country, Trump will attend an outdoor public meeting in Tampa.

Trump's meetings in recent days have witnessed the participation of thousands of them, many of whom did not wear masks, despite the recommendations of the public health authorities.

As for Biden, he will hold an open public meeting in which the participants will stay in their cars in Tampa.

It is also hosting a similar event earlier today in Broward County, South Florida.

Polls show Biden is significantly ahead of Trump nationwide, but the lead is smaller in swing states.

Yesterday's Reuters / Ipsos poll showed that Trump tied with Biden in Florida, with the latter winning 49% of the participants and his opponent 47%.

And a large number of voters said that Biden was in a better position to tackle the pandemic by 48 to 42 percent than his opponent, while Trump won 52 percent support in the economy, and Biden won 41 percent support.

The US Election Project data at the University of Florida showed that more than 75 million voters cast their ballots, either in person or by mail, which represents a record number that exceeds 53% of the total number of participants in the 2016 elections.

Biden casts his vote and

the Democratic presidential candidate cast his vote in the Delaware early ballot.

Biden said after his vote that there was no justification for looting and violence in Philadelphia, but that the protest was completely legitimate.

He added that it was important to find a solution to curb the frequent fatal shootings.

In a brief speech to a number of journalists, he pointed out that "the Trump administration's refusal to acknowledge the reality in which we live, at a time when about a thousand Americans die every day, constitutes an insult to every person suffering from Covid-19 and every family who has lost a dear one."

Activities intensify and

as polling day approaches, a Trump campaign official said the president intends to return to the Midwest on Friday to continue advertising in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The president plans to visit the last week of the publicity campaign in 10 states, and in the last 48 hours he will attend 11 public meetings.

As for Biden, he will travel to Wisconsin tomorrow and co-publicize with former President Barack Obama in Michigan on Saturday, according to his campaign.

Trump's victory in these two states in 2016 contributed to his arrival at the White House.

The Democratic candidate's campaign also reported that Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris will visit Texas on Friday, as part of her election campaign.

This is the first time since 1988 that any Democratic candidate for Vice President holds electoral activities in Texas, which is a Republican stronghold.

No Democrat has won in Texas since 1976, when Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford.

The incumbent president won this state by 9 points in the last election.

The results of the latest poll, conducted by the University of Texas, showed Trump is 5 points ahead of Biden in the state.