"Charlie Hebdo" satirizes Turkish leaders' cartoons to protest the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoning the Chargé d'affaires of the French Embassy

  On October 28, local time, the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Chargé d'affaires of the French Embassy in Turkey and condemned Charlie Hebdo for publishing a caricature aimed at Turkish President Erdogan.

  The Turkish TV station NTV quoted Turkish diplomats as saying that the Turkish Foreign Ministry told the French Chargé d’affaires that the "Charlie Hebdo" "sordid attacks on personal rights and religious beliefs are not within the scope of freedom of the press. The French government should take necessary measures against these cartoons. Political and legal measures.” According to another report, the Turkish authorities have launched an investigation into Charlie Hebdo for “insulting the President”.

  On the 16th of this month, a terrorist attack on a middle school teacher occurred in France, and France subsequently launched activities to combat religious extremism.

Turkish President Erdogan publicly expressed dissatisfaction with these actions, saying that French President Macron "needs mental treatment", and France immediately recalled its ambassador to Turkey.

Earlier this week, Turkish President Erdogan publicly called on the public to boycott French products.

(Headquarters reporter Gu Yuting)