• Diplomacy.Turkey opens its umpteenth front with the EU by Emmanuel Macron

  • France.Macron says goodbye to Professor Samuel Paty at the Sorbonne: "We will not give up cartoons"

  • Middle East: Boycott of French products and criticism of Macron spread through Muslim countries


Turkish authorities have expressed their outrage by condemning

the French magazine Charlie Hebdo

for "lack of morals"

for having published on the cover of its new edition a cartoon of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the station CNNTürk reported on Wednesday.

"They are showing their own vulgarity and lack of morals. An attack on personal rights is not humor or freedom of expression,"

Ibrahim Kalin

, a spokesman for the Turkish presidency

, wrote in a tweet last night


The cartoon shows

Erdogan in an undershirt and boxer shorts, lifting the skirt of a woman

who is covered in an Islamic habit.

"The anti-Muslim agenda of French President [Emmanuel] Macron is bearing fruit! Charlie Hebdo has just published a series of so-called cartoons full of despicable images of our president,"

Fahrettin Altun

, communication director of the French

President, said in a tweet last night

The presidency.

"We condemn the disgusting effort of this publication to spread its racism and cultural hatred," he adds.

More radical was the Vice Minister of Culture,

Serdar Çam

, in his tweet: "You are bastards. You are sons of bitches," he wrote.

Diplomatic tensions between Ankara and Paris have intensified since the attack on October 16 against the French history professor Samuel Paty, beheaded by a Chechen Islamist in the middle of the street in the town of Conflans Sainte Honorine (outside Paris) ten days later of teaching cartoons of the prophet in a class on freedom of expression.

Those cartoons published more than five years ago by Charlie Hebdo, the victim of an Islamist attack in 2015 in which twelve people died, have been

defended by Paris as legitimate as expression


Turkey has condemned the use of cartoons in protests in France over Paty's murder and in defense of freedom of expression.

Erdogan has called for a boycott of French products in Turkey and on Tuesday

small protests against France

took place

in several cities of the country

, called by a union close to the Government.

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