Jonas Arnberg, CEO of HUI Research, is not impressed by Amazon's Sweden launch.

"Had it not been, no one would have shopped there," he says.

Jonas Arnberg describes the site as full of bad translations, strange pricing and with a range that is not particularly adapted to Swedish consumers.

In addition, delivery times are longer than expected, around one week.


Nor does Nicklas Storåkers, CEO of Pricerunner, give Amazon's Swedish launch a thumbs up.

The product is something of a rush, he says.

-It is very clear that you have been in a great hurry to get out before the shopping season, he says and refers to 'Black Friday' at the end of November and the Christmas shopping.

- Then the quality has been ironed out.

According to Nicklas Storåkers, the site is cluttered with, among other things, the wrong images for certain products.

In addition, there are some products that are unusual on the Swedish market - such as pepper spray and car seats that do not live up to Swedish safety requirements.


However, part of today's shortcomings on the site are to be regarded as childhood diseases that will be corrected as they learn more about Swedish consumers and the Swedish market, Jonas Arnberg believes.

- It will be possible to have a better offer in the long run, but it is based on Swedish players wanting to use them, he says.

Nicklas Storåkers also believes that Amazon will develop, but the Swedish market is tough and it will be difficult to gain market share.

- You meet skilled Swedish online retailers who are at home.

Amazon is away, he says.

Take the criticism calmly.

Amazon themselves, however, take the criticism calmly.

Alex Ootes, vice president of the company's European expansion, tells SVT that they are pleased with the launch, which is the company's largest ever with as many as 150 million products, and that customer reactions so far have been positive.

- But, of course, we still have some work to do and we work hard to make the site better, he says

Alex Ootes further says that Amazon has set three goals for its Swedish investment - it is about constantly increasing the number of products, sharpening prices and improving deliveries to Swedish customers.

- If we succeed with those goals, the customers will come to us, otherwise not, he says.