• Heritage.Turkey covers another Byzantine work to use the building as a mosque

  • France.Turkey condemns new Charlie Hebdo cover with Erdogan cartoon: "You are bastards"

Vignette after vignette and in between, an unprecedented row in recent years that

threatens to lead to a diplomatic crisis


Secular France, determined to shake the carpets of its local mosques after the assassination of the teacher Samuel Paty, and a Turkey determined to become the advocate of the millions of Muslims in the world this time, are colliding in such a way that the leader Turkish Erdogan

detects historical reminiscences: they try to "relaunch the crusades," he told his deputies yesterday


"It is a matter of honor," added Recep Tayyip Erdogan about his reason for confronting the French political defense of the publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, under the protection of the right to freedom of expression.

For the Turks, and for a long list of political leaders in Muslim countries that have risen up these days,

it is, on the contrary, an act of "Islamophobia"


"European countries do not even need to cover up their hatred of Islam anymore," insisted the top Turkish president.

The inflamed rhetoric of the Islam-nationalist president, who leads another secular country according to his Constitution, reached a new chalice this Wednesday, after the publication of a cartoon of him in the Gallic weekly

Charlie Hebdo


In it he appeared in underclothes, lifting the skirt of a veiled woman, so that her butt was shown and he exclaimed: "Ooh! The Prophet!"

Erdogan's lawyers filed a lawsuit with the Ankara Prosecutor's Office

for "defamation", without protection of freedoms.

"We will follow the diplomatic and legal process both in France and internationally," said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu at a press conference yesterday, although he ruled out, for the moment, calling his ambassador in Paris for consultations.

The Elysee had followed suit last week, after Erdogan suggested that President Emmanuel Macron suffers from mental problems.

The Turkish leader also called for a boycott of French products.

Cover of the latest issue of 'Charlie Hebdo' CHARLIE HEBDOEFE

"France will never renounce its principles and values ​​and in particular freedom of expression and freedom of broadcasting", was the last French response to the messages from Turkey, a country with which it maintains geopolitical confrontations in the Maghreb and in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The German or Spanish defense of the French position, in the midst of the shock over the murder of the professor,

has loaded even more arguments on an Erdogan expert in thriving in this type of crisis.

Turning the matter into a national cause,

the president has managed, just in the same days that the Turkish lira experiences a strong devaluation

, to agglutinate the support of a large part of the population.

Even the opposition, champion of secularism, has criticized the French movements.

"It is impossible for us to accept such an attack on people's rights in the name of freedom of thought, even if it is a caricature," said Engin Altay of the Republican People's Party (CHP).

In the Turkish wake, all kinds of countries with a Muslim majority have joined and not necessarily allies.


must understand that the great Prophet of Islam is loved by all Muslims

and freedom lovers in the world," said Iranian President Hasan Rohani.

From Egypt, Abdel Fattah Sisi stressed, coinciding with the commemoration of Muhammad's anniversary, that "we also have rights. We have the right

that our feelings are not hurt

and that our values ​​are not hurt."

In the aftermath of this still rhetorical crisis, observers warn, there is the possibility of a new clash with Europe that will make it even more difficult to reach solutions for larger crises still open in the Mediterranean,

either due to the exploitation of its waters. or by refugees


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France Turkey condemns new cover of Charlie Hebdo with Erdogan cartoon: "You are bastards"

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