Covid: Emmanuel Macron announces new national confinement on Friday

President Macron during his address on October 28, 2020. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann / Illustration

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The President of the Republic referred to "a second wave which, as we now know, will undoubtedly be harder and more deadly than the first".

He announced a new confinement on the national territory, except for the overseas.


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France will thus experience a new period of confinement from Friday to stem the second wave of Covid-19, at least until December 1, announced President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, specifying that schools will however remain open.

I decided that it was necessary to find from Friday, the confinement which stopped the virus.

The whole national territory is concerned

 ”, declared the Head of State during a televised address.

This confinement will be adapted on three main points: the schools will remain open, the work will be able to continue the Epahd and the retirement homes will be able to be visited

 ", he added.

France risks experiencing " 

at least 400,000 additional deaths

 " within a few months if nothing is done about the Covid-19 epidemic with the idea of ​​seeking collective immunity, Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday .

France will never adopt this strategy

 " which would mean " 

sorting between patients

 ", the elderly being the main victims of the pandemic, added the Head of State.

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