China Overseas Chinese Network, October 27, according to the WeChat public account of Italy's "New European Overseas Chinese News", just after 6 pm, the storefront on the Chinese Street in Milan, Italy was half closed.

The whole street has lost the hustle and bustle of the past, and it has become more lonely and lonely.

  Looking around, the gate of the game hall is closed, the gym is also closed, and the girls in the nail shop look at passing pedestrians from time to time. The barber shop is doing haircuts for regular customers.

For restaurants and bars, Italy issued the latest restrictive law on October 25, and they were once again affected.

Restaurants: good and bad

  The lights of a Chinese restaurant were still on, and they asked the owner and his wife why they didn’t turn off. They smiled and said, “At 6 o’clock, people can’t sit inside and eat, the door can be opened, and they can be packed. It used to be the busiest at night. Now it’s okay, I’m going to rest again... I’m staying when I go home, and it’s a bit safer in the store. It’s better to close at 6 than not to open at all. We let the workers go first. pot."

  Another restaurant joined the takeaway platform during the closure of the city in March this year. Now it continues to do takeaways. If it is near China Street, the owner will run over to deliver it.

Their rent is not low and they dare not stop at all.

  There are other proprietresses standing at the door, looking around, her restaurant is open when others open, and her restaurant is closed when others close.

  A boss leaned on the side of the road and smoked a stale cigarette. He was not a restaurant before. After the blockade was lifted, he ordered a restaurant from others at a low price. He had just been renovated but encountered a second wave of epidemics...

  The McDonald's at the end of China Street also turned off the lights in the lobby, the cash register was still open, and there were several food delivery riders guarding the outside, and business was as good as ever.

  Entering the side road, it is an Egyptian pizzeria. The boss and two brothers stood at the door. They enthusiastically shouted "Hello" in Chinese when they saw someone coming.

Does closing at 6 pm affect them much?

While talking and laughing, the phone in the store kept ringing, needless to say, business was good.

Bar: some hold on, some retreat

  Every morning is the "golden period" of the bar business.

But now the Lombardy region stipulates that slot machines are not allowed, and the business is much less.

According to a Chinese tobacco shop, the tobacco shop does not need to close at 6 pm. They put down the rolling door of the bar on one side, and the tobacco shop on the other side is still open. If guests come, they can pack coffee for the guests.

  Another Chinese bar started cleaning the tables and chairs before 6 o'clock, and was ready to withdraw after cleaning up.

The proprietress hopes that everyone will be completely closed for a month, to contain the epidemic sooner, and get better sooner.

Snacks: Not affected

  Whether it's steamed buns, dumplings, or Liangpi, pork buns, or pig's trotters or duck necks, the package shop's business remains the same.

However, Lombardy has a curfew at 11 p.m., and work ends at about 10 p.m.

The business of the Chinese dim sum shop is also good. The proprietress asked the accountant and the other party told her that the dim sum shop also belongs to the package and take-out category. As long as there are no customers sitting in it, it will be fine.

Other businesses: lip and tooth

  Restaurants and bars are closed, and the people who go to China Street at night will naturally be reduced.

The vegetable shop closed early because the restaurant needed less ingredients.

China Street is everyone’s China Street. Business is connected to business. Popularity brings popularity. They are independent of each other and influence each other. No matter what tomorrow will be, everyone is silently staying in business.

(Small Zhang)